KZN Workshop


As part of a new initiative by the Foundation, on 26 May members of thirty organisations from KwaZulu-Natal, who receive funding through the Foundation’s community engagement programme, met at a workshop held in the Elangeni Maharani hotel in Durban. Selected projects gave presentations on environment and sustainability, water and sanitation, health, food security and education, and everyone present benefited from the opportunity to share experiences and connect with each other for future collaboration.

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  1. hi I am a doctor working in a rural part of KZN (Mseleni, Mkhanyakude) and have set up a project to teach science and maths. we want to run a programme for all our school children in the next three months to give them the opportunity to DO experiments since they seldom get the chance in their school even to see demonstrations let alone actually perform experiments. we would like to use our large hall to run experiments daily for all levels and take them right through the curriculum! i realise that your normal cycle of funding required requests before April but is this something you might like to join us in even so?

    Dr V G Fredlund MB BS

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