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Our Health programme focuses on support for community-based initiatives for children and adults affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, which work to prevent transmission, increase adherence to treatment programmes and encourage sustainable economic independence through skills training programmes.

At Humana People to People (SA) in Mpumalanga, highly trained local people work as field officers to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, positive living, good nutrition and condom use within their own communities.

Healthy Start in the Western Cape works with 45 ECD centres to provide preventative oral care and basic hygiene programmes to pre-school children.  The Foundation is supporting this programme which emphasises the role of proper oral care, hand-washing and nutrition in establishing good health and hygiene habits from an early age.

HCI_health_Waterburg June 2012

‘Loving to learn and think creatively is the most significant gift we can offer our children.‘
Corinne Abel