Making a difference

Two HCI Foundation bursary recipients are really making a difference to their own and their families’ lives by running in marathons every weekend.


Visit to LEAP Science and Maths School

<a href=”” data-mce-href=””><img class=” wp-image-941 aligncenter” src=”×167.jpg” alt=”LEAP school IMG_2151 (3)” width=”287″ height=”160″ data-mce-src=”×167.jpg” /><br />
</a>There was excitement at LEAP 3 School in Linbro Park, Alexandra, when Bursary Department staff visited to talk to Grade 12 learners about applying to the Foundation for tertiary level bursaries for 2016 academic year.The school is very proud of its history of excellent Matric results and learners are offered individual guidance in suitable career options before applying to university. 79% of the LEAP Schools’ alumni have degrees or diplomas or are currently continuing their studies at tertiary level.<img class=” wp-image-945 aligncenter” src=”×88.jpg” alt=”LEAP school IMG_2222 (7)” width=”433″ height=”127″ data-mce-src=”×88.jpg” /><br /><br /><br />


‘The future of South Africa is bright because of the resilience and determination of our youth. They are succeeding against all odds, have big dreams for themselves and the country and are change-makers in their communities.’
Jamala Safari