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Running for success

Two HCI Foundation bursary recipients are really making a difference to their own and their families’ lives by running in marathons every weekend.

Dzulani Munzhelele, who graduated from the University of Venda in May 2015, started running competitively in his 3rd year when his family could no longer help him financially, setting himself the task of being amongst the top three each time in order to win R500 to support himself. When his first year mentee, Elia Malungane, also started to experience financial difficulties Dzulani suggested that they start training and competing together.

The pair recently ran as a team in the University Sports South Africa cross country event hosted by the University of Venda in early October, and are now taking a break during the busy exam period.

Dzulani’s recipe for success demonstrates his determination to succeed. “If I don’t win I don’t eat” he says, when asked how he runs so fast. Whilst Elia has still to match his mentor in speed, he has achieved flying colours academically in his first semester.

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  1. am really interested on getting dis bursary will like to study teaching next year.its really a good thing to see bursary scheme visit certain varsity and other communit
    es especially in a rural Areas.

  2. Rendani Ndou says:

    This is so inspiring. Big to the fellow brothers, HCI is a lifesaver.

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