Celebrating Heritage Month Through Music

In 2013 Musiquelaine South Africa launched the “Music Education for Life Transformation Programme” at Steenberg High School in Cape Town. The main objective of the Steenberg High School Music Project is to establish long term sustainability and music development that will impact positively on school learners from Grades 8 to 12. The HCI Foundation has provided financial support to Musiquelaine SA since 2013 by funding the “Music Education for Life Transformation Programme”.

The programme has grown to over 100 learners participating in the project for the year 2020. In addition to providing a musical education, the project has also exposed the learners to the arts and a world beyond their community circumstances. This has had a further positive impact by providing young people with a take-off platform to a range of possible choices for the future.

In 2019, the Satellite Stellenbosch University Music Certificate Programme was established at Steenberg High School with ten students. This is a partnership with Stellenbosch University enabling former Steenberg High music students to prepare for tertiary studies in music. The Foundation has provided bursaries to four deserving students for the two-year Certificate Programme. The students have performed exceptionally well in order to be accepted onto Stellenbosch University’s Bachelor of Music degree programme.
In 2020, the project expanded further with the establishment of the Steenberg Community Jazz Big Band Project for young musicians from the Steenberg community. With this initiative, Musiquelaine S.A. has, over seven years, creating a sustainable community-run music legacy for the Steenberg community. In addition, to identify talent earlier, music tuition has recently been extended to several of the neighbouring primary schools.

Music is part of our heritage. Music is a powerful tool to empower people for life. This Heritage Month we celebrate the sterling work of Musiquelaine – an organisation that is transforming the lives of young people in a small community in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town through music. Thank you to the dedicated and committed leadership and staff members, parents, the community as well as the learners who are part of Musiquelaine programmes. Continue to spark the potential of young people!

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‘The future of South Africa is bright because of the resilience and determination of our youth. They are succeeding against all odds, have big dreams for themselves and the country and are change-makers in their communities.’
Jamala Safari