eMedia Investments and HCI Foundation COVID-19 relief fund reaches over two hundred thousand people in need

In a time of enormous inequality, desperate need, and a call for assistance, South Africans rallied together to help eliminate hunger for countless vulnerable communities countrywide.  The nation opened its heart to deliver an amount of R19 million to the eMedia and HCI Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund.

eMedia Investments joined forces with the HCI Foundation, to form a partnership that resulted in the COVID-19 Relief Fund. The fund set the groundwork from which a multitude of charitable individuals and corporates alike, made it possible for the foundation to reach over 200 000 individuals.

Aiding the distribution of food parcels and helping curb abject hunger in each province in the country, 122 NGOs within the HCI Foundation’s cut across both rural and urban areas to deliver 51 238 food parcels.

Speaking about the spirit of giving, eMedia COO Antonio Lee expressed, “It is said that ‘A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.’ The humanity and humility that we have seen as an organization during this challenging time in the world directly echo those powerful words.”

“We want to thank the HCI Foundation for the partnership that allowed us to stand by a call made by our President Cyril Ramaphosa to assist in providing relief for societal distress caused by COVID-19. Thank you to all our valuable eNCA viewers who played their part in helping us make a difference,” concluded Lee.

Jamala Safari, CEO of the HCI Foundation, said the fund worked with reputable NGOs to make sure that as many families as possible benefit from the initiative. These NGOs worked tirelessly to make sure that food parcels reached the intended families on time.

“HCI Foundation says a very big thank-you to all our partner NGOs, volunteer helpers, and community members for everything you have done to make this campaign possible. Thank you for your drive and commitment; for reaching out to others; for working round the clock to make plans and deliveries; for never giving up in the face of challenges.  We couldn’t have done this without you.”

The HCI Foundation is the corporate social investment arm of black empowerment investment company HCI, and the company contributed R500 000 to kick-start the fund.

‘The future of South Africa is bright because of the resilience and determination of our youth. They are succeeding against all odds, have big dreams for themselves and the country and are change-makers in their communities.’
Jamala Safari